Heart Touching FRIENDSHIP Quotes And Sms

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True frnds can see evil in Ur eyes when everyone is fooled by Ur smile.

The real Frnds are like stars, they come and go, but those who remain are those who shine.

Frndship is a little more confidence, a little less try a little laugh and cry a little less, a little more and a little less WE I.


Flower remembers bees, Fish remembers the water, tree remembers the rain Now I remember U! Say happy day U frndship!

Many people go in and out of Ur life, but only true frnds will leave footprints in Ur heart. HAPPY  FRNDSHIP  DAY !!

Beauty is the beginning of life, beauty is the art of life, the risk is part of life, and a good friend is the heart of life.

A frnd is sweet when it is true, it is even sweeter when it is true but it is The Sweetest When It's U.

Sometimes all a person needs a frnd, to listen and not judge Them.That is what u have for me. U Thank U for being my best friend.

A good friend is a huge blessing from God. I thank God everyday for bringing U into my life. U Are The Best.

I say and u Listen, it's a good Frndship.u Say and listen, is a better Frndship.But I say and u understand is "Best Frndship.

For a good friend "beautiful morning" .. For a sweet friend "Sweet Morning" For a loving friend "morning" to a good friend "hello"

Life is like a novel. Many read and forgotten chapters. But there is one I will not forget. This is the chapter "I met u and we became frnds."

Losing a friend is like a limb.Time can soothe the anguish of the wound, but the loss can not be repaired.Like U

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